02 May

Holy its been awhile since I’ve posted. So I’ve started taking some courses at a new writing school in my area and it has come to my attention that the title I originally had for ‘Til death doesn’t fit any longer. The next day I happen to be listening to a song called I choose you and it hit me; I choose you would be the perfect title. So that’s what I did. My teacher loves it.

I’ve also started a new project recently called Saving Brianna. Bullying is a big problem and I for one don’t tolerate it therefore I decided to write about it. The story is about a young girl who’s struggling and it is her twelfth grade buddy who sees the problems and asks her teacher if she’s been tested. The teacher who is bound by confidentiality confirms she has but the problem is that her parents don’t believe that there’s a problem.

After her buddy (based on me) graduates from college she meets Brianna again and does everything in her power to make learning what she finds difficult easier but there’s another problem she’s bullied. Although the school has a non tolerance for bullying some of the children thing that shes’ getting what they believe is special treatment (thanks to the classroom teacher her makes Brianna feel bad for having to go into the resource room for special help.) it isn’t until the special education teacher gives a presentation that sort of calls out the teacher in a sense. (I wish I could go back and do this to a certain teacher I once had who did the same thing to me and ripped a short story I had been working on but I can’t.) Although this is a work in progress I really like this project. So stay tuned I might have something to share… You can find the new book and new cover here If you’d like to purchase it I’d suggest getting the first and second book as it is in a series. All my books are available by clicking my name

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  1. Krys

    March 13, 2017 at 8:20 am

    Absolutely great synopsis! Should be part of schools’ anti bullying programs. People still judge by what they see on the surface and don’t try to find out who the person really is.


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