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01 Dec

I don’t know if anyone actually does this but recently I came across a book called notebook know how strategies for the writers notebook. It goes through how to set a notebook up used for “practicing writing.” as its for elementary students however it can be really used for anyone.  But why I like it is it actually helped me make my own Writers notebook in order to organize my writing notes that I’ll use for my novels. Heres how I made mine

First of all you take a composition notebook (the kind with the sewn spine simply because you can’t rip out the pages. After skipping two pages in the front make a table of contents this will allow you to keep track of what kind of topics . After skipping a page I wrote the heading what is a writers notebook. Everyone has their own definition. For me I’m using it for a project notebook. After skipping another page I went on to the heading Rules For Writers Notebook. Rules like write every day, and date each entry can be helpful reminders to make sure you actually do it. Also the privacy. I had a really hard time sharing my projects with others when I first started however now that I’m actually comfortable sharing, its getting easier. But sometimes there are things that I don’t want to share. Scenes that I’m working on but aren’t quiet ready for the public to see yet therefore keeping them in a writers notebook allows me to keep them safe, so I don’t forget and people won’t read it.

After skipping two more pages I began section one (there’s four sections in total at least in mine.) The first section I have is Ideas

the second section is characters, setting and point of view

the third section is plotting

and the fourth section is writing

You don’t have to follow this format as its suited for my needs. I also printed out a cover page for the project I’m working on and pasted it on the cover of the notebook. This will be kept in my Project Binder (which contents the draft of the project I’m working on for easy access)  If there’s anyone who wants to try this to keep themselves organized when they write please feel free. Composition books can be found almost anywhere. I find dollar stores, Walmart and target are the best places to get them Walmart has generic composition books for like two dollars bother hard and soft cover. The dollar store at least in my area has two comp books for five dollars (name brand) and generic brands for 1.25. The easiest way to keep the sections separated is by using removable tabs that you can find anywhere either plastic or paper. Just remember to leave two pages blank in the front and two pages blank in the back, just to keep your stuff private. You never know who may find it. Have fun. Until next time. Keep writing!

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  1. conniecockrell

    December 1, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Any way to keep organized is a good idea.


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